I have been renting a fully furnished flat since 13.08.09 and due to leave 13.02.10. The first 3months were paid in full but I have withheld the last 2 months as the 4 main appliances in which came with the flat do not work. I withheld it thinking he would fix it as he said since I moved in he would get them fixed but once the rent was paid he ignored me. the fridge thermostat has broke the gas fire and oven are dodgy.. to the point were the flame goes out but the gas still come out and the washing machine isn't plumbed in properly so I cannot clean my clothes. And the vacumme doesn't suck anything up. He is a horrid man in general and will do nothing to help me. I understand I have to now pay the rent.
My neighbour has exactly the same problems as I have and he's the same with her. Where as the men however in the other flats get treated as royalty and any problems they have are fixed within a few days of asking.
He is now saying he is going to take me to court for unpaid rent... I have another property now so wish to move in a.s.a.p. I have offered to pay the rent due in installments as I cannot afford it in one go.
Can he still take me to court now I am leaving the property and have offered to pay him?
I am 19 and in a right pickle.