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    Dec 29, 2008, 07:26 PM
    Can I break my lease if I'm a victim of a crime?
    My brother and his roommate were at home with friends one night when 3 men hopped over the 4 foot wall of their patio and walked in the sliding glass door. The three men then robbed my brother and his friends at GUNPOINT! Among the things that were taken, one was a cell phone. A few days after the robbery, the phone was shut off and a new phone was issed to my brother's friend. That night (on Christmas) the thieves called the phone and left a voice mail (!) saying that if he didn't turn the stolen phone back on, they would "come back and blow thier heads off" also reminding them that they had all of the personal information that was in the wallet.

    My bother and his roommate subbmitted a written request to break the lease and in the letter gave the information about this and the 3 other robberies they have had this year (one of each of their vehicles and the other in the home when they were at work).

    I can't believe it but the property management company actually told them no!
    It is CLEAR that they are not safe to stay there- can they make them??

    Shouldn't the 'safe and clean' part of the AZ residential landlord tenant law cover this?

    I truly fear for my brothers life and have convinced him and his roommate to leave the apartment anyway. However, these are young men struggling with the economy and work just like the rest of the contractors in America right now and cannot afford to pay rent at two places. They only have 2 months left on the lease (that they had just remewed 4 months ago).

    Please help me find a way to get them legally out of this. :confused:

    Thanks in advance for any assistance you can offer. We are going down to talk to the apt manager again tomorrow afternoon.
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    Dec 29, 2008, 07:52 PM

    My personal thoughts is send a certified letter to the rental and explain ans state that when and why you need to break the lease and LEAVE quick. If life is at stake here big woop of the lease. Do you have copy's of the police reports to send to rental office? Bottom who cares about a lease if to stay may DIE. Go go go!! If the sue let the courts decide. But SEND the certified letter showing reasons and good faith that way. I'm NOT an attorney and this is my opinion. Money at court or life to live to go to court beats being DEAD!
    Good Luck!!

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