We've lived in an apartment building on the third floor for about six years. Just recently we've been noticing a lot of things are a bit questionable. Cracks area appearing all over the apartment, not just small ones, they are big ones and grow larger by the month. On the balcony, the plaster is separating an various places, falling down, etc. Seams from wall to ceiling are becoming separated. Our kitchen floor is being almost "crunched" with the tiles coming up and cracking because they are being pushed from the side (ex. When a tile pops out, you can't put it back in because the space where it was isn't wide enough). Outside on our balcony, the brick is separated at one point where there is almost an inch difference. The cement between the bricks (or whatever you call it) is broken off and the bricks are being "pulled" apart. Plaster is falling from our living room ceiling. Sometimes during the day we will hear extremely loud cracks, bangs, etc. (like settling sounds). The wood around our balcony door is becoming separated and bees are building nests in the wood.
A lot of this doesn't surprise us due to the other negligence of the buidling, such as hall windows being stuck open in the winter and nobody fixing them, a shorted receptacle that took begging the landlord to fix, bees builing nests in the walls, a squirrel in the attic for a few weeks, bug problems, a bees nest being built INSIDE OUR LIVING ROOM sliding door because of seperations in the plaster and wood, and birds builing nests in our air conditioners and parts of the building. This place just seems dangerous and really disgusting.
Yes, some things can be repaired by us, but is there a point where the landlord needs to step in and take care of these things (which is hard to get him to do), I'm kind of worried for the safety of my family and the other residents of the building. If the landlord does not take action, who could we call in to sort of inspect the buidling? Thanks for everyone's help.