We are five friends who have jointly purchased agriculture land outside Pune City. Legally we have Published 'Notice' as per advise given by our advocate in newspaper. Now we have received 'Index-II', 'Kharedi Khat', 'Phephar' documents also but now Talathi from that area is saying that "[B]only farmer can buy agricultural land" it is a law that only farmer can buy agriculture land? Since my all friends are belonging from agricultural background they have given 7/12 of their father's name. I don't have 7/12 because my father & me don't have land anywhere till the date. We have produced 7/12 of my grandfather whose name is there on 7/12 but Talathi is saying that you are doing service & you are not farmer hence your name will not be recoreded on 7/12. Rest 4 friends can record their names on 7/12. I request you to guide is there any such law in Indian constituency? Or is it true service person can not purcahse Agriculture land. Suggest me how should I go ahead for resolution. Please consult the way so that I will be able to record my name on 7/12 because I have taken loan from bank & I have put my all life's money in it.