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    Dec 23, 2008, 10:04 PM
    2 week on property now served a 2 week eviction because mgr refuses to sign lease
    Can a management company refuse to sign the lease document even though you signed and was given permission to move-in by district manager of company? She decided that she didn't want me to stay even though I passed all of the criteria of the property. She found out that I had emailed a ex co-worker and she claiming that I was harassing the co-worker. You see I used to work for this same company but signed lease as a regularly tenant after my termination.


    Rmatello in Fort Worth, Texas
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    Dec 24, 2008, 06:36 AM
    Hello r:

    Try to keep all your questions on ONE thread... It makes it easier for us to follow...

    You don't have a lease, because the manager didn't sign. But, you ARE a tenant, and in the absence of a written lease, you are a month to month tenant. As such, you can be given a 30 day notice to move. The 30 days, however will run from the last day of THIS month, so you'll have to move the end of January.

    If they don't give you proper written notice prior to the end of the month, pay your rent and you can stay ANOTHER month.

    If they try to schedule a court appearance, that's cool. Go, and tell the judge what I said, and you won't be evicted...


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