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    Need expert to help me to answer case study
    Task 1

    Below are a number of inputs to Key Performance Indicators on the left and their targets on the right
    Task: Please use the inputs to calculate the results of the key performance indicators Strategic Planning & Excellence Department Performance Reporting


    Number of employees NOT satisfied with process management methodology


    Total number of Performance measures (KPI)


    Number of active initiatives on track


    Number of active initiatives


    Number of Performance Measures collected and reported


    Total number of employees in MoFA
    Targ et

    Percentage of active initiatives on track

    Employees satisfaction with process management methodology
    Percentage of MoFA KPI measured and reported

    Task 2
    Once you have calculated the key performance indicators please verify whether they are on target or not
    If off target, please prioritize which KPI you would try to improve and why (Hint: where do you see the highest improvement potential or the fastest
    Implementation opportunity)
    Once you have selected an under performing key performance indicator, conduct a benchmarking exercise (i.e. research for data on other government entities) to investigate potential reasons for this and identify what could be done to improve this KPI

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