I am going up to Amarillo, Tx in hopes of returing with a Trailblazer.

There is one specific one I am looking at. It is a little pricy $9900 but it has 72k miles on it. The color I want. The only problem I have is. Its from a smaller dealership off the highway there. My mom says I should buy from a "Name brand" dealership like ford or dodge or some place like that. My dad on the other hand says it may be safe to purchase the truck from this dealer. The reason my mom is saying stay with the bigger dealerships is because the truck my not be mechanically sound, like I may get it back home to here in Clovis, Nm. And it starts breaking down on me and then I am trying to fix it. Although that could very well be true, this dealership may be trusthworthy and maybe nothing is wrong with the truck. I really want this truck. It is everything I am looking for and the price on it is workable

Any imput?