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    Feb 27, 2013, 01:29 PM
    Wath does my dream mean?
    Lately I keep having these strange dreams. This is my latest dream:
    I was at school at some festival, it was getting late so I wanted to go back to my school lessons. I tried to find my classroom but I got lost. Finnaly I found what seemed like the right door. I opened them and walked into a train station. It was crowedy in there .everyone was shouting something. They were protesting ageinst something.I walked to the middle of the crowed but before I got there I sow my classmate. I started shouting to him. I wanted to ask him were my class was but before he answered somebody grabed my hand and told me that it is dangerous here and he will take me back to class. It tourned out it was my friend and he was holding a little girl in his other hand. We walked out of the train station and found ourselves outside. We passed an Arabic man holding a bow and a lot of arrowes. He was mad at something . As soon as we passed him he started shooting at me . There was ice all over the place and one icehill. Me and my friend with that little girl ran to hide behind that hill. The hale wasn't that big so we hand to squeeze to fit behind it. I was the one that was the closesed to the side. The arrowes were being shot very low. The tip was very sharp I could see it . The arrowes were meanted to kill me and no one else. After I sow like five arrowes almost hitting me I started raining away . In the time I was running away the guy was convints that he shot me and that I was going to die soon and he will find me because of the blood trail I was souposed to leave him.

    I had another dream which was about die . I was sitting in a park and I was talking to my angel and she told me that she is going to look afterme for 2 years and after that 5 angels will look afterme but I was look out for that change because in the meantime of them swapping I may die. And she asked me if it isn't time to finnish it ( to die) I wanted to say that I want to live until I am 90 but instead I answerd that yes probably. Somehow I couldent tell her the truth.

    Please tell me what these two dreams mean.
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    Feb 27, 2013, 02:27 PM
    Means nothing. It is your active mind while you're sleeping. Perhaps it means you watch too many movies. If dreams really meant anything, I'd be married to Kate Beckinsale right now.
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    Jun 29, 2013, 06:19 PM
    Your dream means you are blessed with friends that have your back and you should heed what they tell you. Your journey may be a spiritual path and you are looked after from above.

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