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    May 14, 2009, 08:42 AM
    Want someone to tell my fortune
    I'm looking for someone to tell my fortune I had a reading done before but it wasn very good can anyone give me site to get it done free on line:D:confused:
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    May 14, 2009, 08:47 AM
    There are no internet psychics. Sorry.
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    May 16, 2009, 05:14 AM

    I know they aren't free, but some cities have psychics that offer readings for less than $20 - and if you meditate for a time before going, you can often get a "feeling" for the one that is going to give you an honest reading before you walk in the door. (Edgar Cayce was a firm believer that one can open up a line to the "other side" by meditation, and you would be truly surprised at what can happen if you light a candle and focus on it while clearing your mind... ) I strongly suggest preparing yourself with a month or so of meditation before seeking out someone to do another reading - but as NeedKarma pointed out, you shouldn't trust internet "psychics" - and trust what your intuition tells you before handing over cash to the first reader you come across.

    To share my own experience: I started meditating in high school at the suggestion of a Catholic priest as a means of controlling my volcanic temper. Not only did lighting a candle and staring at it while clearing all thoughts from my mind help me to control my temper, but I also began to notice a "guiding voice" that has kept me out of harm's way more than once.

    It was the same intuition that made me pause in front of a shop in the city near where I live that was offering psychic readings, and since I was also a little bored at the time, I went in just to see what would happen. Although I had never seen the man who did my reading before in my life, he told me I had spirits sharing my house with me who didn't really like women much, but would do no harm to myself or my daughter. (My daughter and I had both already experienced some strange things going on when we were at home alone - things that have never happened to my husband or son - that seemed like someone or something was trying to pull pranks on us. Nothing harmful, just suddenly finding the cup of coffee you set down to answer the phone in a room you don't use often behind an undisturbed cobweb you have to brush away to retrieve it - and you know it's the one you set down because it's still hot... ) The psychic then went on to tell me that an ebook that I had written, which was being sold by an out of state company, was going to be made into a paperback (I got the contract for that project 18 months later). He also told me that I was going to be offered more money for the same job I was doing, but would have to change companies to get the raise. (I was offered more money by another company for the same job I was doing within 9 months of my reading.)

    While there are pretenders out there just trying to get your money, I agree wholeheartedly with Edgar Cayce about meditation. At the very least, meditation can open up portions of your brain you wouldn't use otherwise and allow you to possibly find the answers you seek in your dreams...
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    May 16, 2009, 05:45 AM


    To my mind most psychics are simply Empaths, people who read people, get a vibe from them. I believe we all do this to a certain degree. Some are more sensitive than others. I agree with tiggerella, meditation would be a good way to go. Relaxation and meditation, once you have gained a little experience in both, will tell you all you need to know about yourself.

    In the meantime, I'm thinking you are a little confused about something, maybe even a bit worried. You are definitely seeking an answer to something, and your health and energy could use a lift. There may be relationship issues, you seek some advice about a loved one, and there might be some financial difficulties. Working to let go of worries would help as would taking better care of yourself. Taking some time out to think about what you want to do with your life would be very beneficial. And I'm no psychic.

    I hope that helps a little.
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    May 16, 2009, 06:14 AM
    Hello Laura!

    I am a person who loves to know about my future. They say I only need to pray. Yes, I pray a lot but I also think that all things in this Earth have purpose. God gives us knowledge and everything we need so it's for us to explore and make use of them. I am not a fortune teller but I know where to go in order to get free reading. I often go to this site for monthly forecast: Astrology : AstrologyZone : Susan Miller's Astrology Zone

    I also subscribe to Friendster's horoscope and I take it as my daily guide (It works for me.) You can also search yourself as there are a lot of free horoscopes offered online. Some are not free.

    Your dreams also are important. Know also the meanings of your dreams. You can go search for dream interpretation online or you may also buy a dream dictionary. Just choose the ones with lots of positive meanings. This is serious but also funny. My sister had owned a dream dictionary but every time I looked for my dreams' meanings through it, I felt so negative and down (Can you imagine me? Lol.). When I compared it to my mobile phone's subscription, I felt not looking through it anymore. I switched totally to my mobile subscription because it helped me - almost all of my dreams' meanings became positive and inspiring.

    So, I suggest you go for positive predictions only as your mind is very powerful. What you often think will be the one to come out. It seems that we have the power to support or energize what we know. Lastly, be careful, listen to your intuition, explore everything about yourself and act for your dreams or ambitions also. God promises to help us but we also have to help ourselves. And pray always to God as He is our Provider and Saviour.

    Hope this helps...

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    May 29, 2009, 08:34 AM

    No one can tell you your fortune better than you can. Make your own goals and go for them.

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