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    Feb 10, 2007, 07:17 PM
    Is it true
    I went on holiday when I was 16 to the canary islands, when I was there I made friends with a scotish lady who was maybe in her late 40's, She started talking about strange things that no one would have known. The first thing strange that she said was 'you don't live with your parents do u' I said no, I moved out an I live with my partner, but she said, no, your parents you moved out ov aren't your real blood an you know that don't u, which I did. Then she started telling me things, like I have a sister that her name has the letter h in it, maybe heather or helen, I picked up my adoption file last yr, almost 7 yrs after meeting this lady an I do have an older sister called helen, she also got some other things spot on too, the only thing she said that I don't have the answer to is that she told me my mother was not alive anymore, whilst reading my file I see that she attempted to kill her self on several occasions. Yet every time I think about starting a seacrh for her, something holds me bk. I feel like maybe it is my mum not wanting me to know an that maybe she dose watch over me if she has passed on. My blood mother was from london an she married a irish (dublin) man who was a lot older than her self an funny enough, not that I went looking, I have started a relationship with a fantastic man from dublin. He is moving in with me in a few weeks, It seams I am maybe living a life very much like what my mother may have done, or maybe all is just coincidence, can someone make sťance of this an just tell me what they believe could possibly be true, My mother was known by the name mary shiels an then married to the name mary Curran.
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    Feb 10, 2007, 07:24 PM
    Hello Twistedangel,

    You were obvously talking to a very experienced and sensitive person that could see things that other people have a hard time seeing.

    As far as all the info she gave you was right on the money. Did you ever try to search out your sister. If not I think you would really like to find her and it is important to get to know her because she could well fill you in on your mother.

    As far as your mother, I think this lady is right. She has passed, and it is important to know that whatever your mother chose in her life does not mean that you will choose the same.

    As far as a dublin man, you being with one that is just coincidence, it has nothing to do with your mother.

    As far as your mothers spirit being around or watching over you. No matter what happened in this life, in the next I do believe they realize the things they have done and even if they were not close to you they are when they are on the other side.

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