Our troubles began Last year Decemeber 2010 after my husband visited his aunt (who is a witch), a month later, he was hit by a car while crossing the green light, hurt his back, unabled to work for 6 months, we started small business investments during the period, everything failed and lost 30k from our savings, no debts though. I worked 12 hours everyday which the income should be ample yet we are always struggling with our month payments for rent, bills... etc. When he got well, found a job, he got hit by hit and run car from behind turning from no where, 2 days before he supposed to start work. As a result, hurt his arm. After 3 months recovering from the injury, he got a new job. This time he's been careful staying at home till a day before his new job, a mental piece got into his eye from no where when he went out for gorcery, it wasn't even a windy day. His eye got so bad that he had to go hospital. We are at our wits end. Whatever is happening is so strange. Can anyone help?