:( last night, I had a dream that I was with my friend, and there was a rain storm in NYC. She and I were walking around, and after the storm, the whole attitude of the city seemed changed and different... not necessarily in a bad way.

While she and I would talk, my throat started feeling sore, and I would cough and pull out these straight dark hairs. I don't have straight hair, my hair is very wooly. And the more I coughed, the more I would pull these hairs. They looked like the hair of the guy I used to like, but I did pull out a blond hair (my friend in the dream is blonde). The last time I coughed, I pulled out hair, and then it was stuck in my throat, and I pulled out hair wrapped around a piece of tape.

What does this dream mean? It started as a dream about my parents moving to NJ, but forgetting to pack up my room. :(