Hello I have noticed that things are going missing in my house and there is never anyone that would take things in my house... christmas 2 yrs ago my boyfriend bought me a camera and with it came a small camera stand I opened the box took out the stand and put it beside me and when I went to pick it up it was gone.. I overturned everything and checked anything I could all the wrapping paper etc and it was gone,. now my boyfriend thinks I'm starting to misplace some of his clothes because his underwear are going missing and I know this sounds funny but the ones that go missing are bright colors like illuminis green and pink but I say to my boyfriend it's a ghost like a child playing games hiding things having fun and he just laughs at me saying there is no such thing... please note I searched the house everywhere from top to bottom under and over things and even behind things where things would never be.. so can anybody please help me on this.. thanks... L