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    Jul 20, 2009, 01:28 AM
    Fortune Teller!
    Ok so this may sound strange but I think I have some sort of sense that vaguely tells me the future example:
    When I was around 11 I came home to my grandparents (from my mothers side) being at my house and I turn to my grandfather and start telling him a story about my other grandfather. (from my fathers side) normally I never even talk about him but for some reason he just popped in my mind. A couple hours later my parents take me downstairs and tell my brother and I that my grandfather had passed away earlier that day (this was the first time I heard about it) CREEPY :eek:
    Another time
    Another time was, all one morning all I could think about were car crashes, that afternoon I'm driving on the highway and I see a HUGE carcrash site, 10 cops, news people, ambulances blue scary tarps, the works.. kind of freaking me out!
    Just a couple weeks ago I was thinking about this dog that my grandparents had and I thought wow what if it suddenly just died, a few days go by and low and behold I get a phone call from my grandma telling me he died from some sickness

    Would you just say that these are coincidences or that some way I am seeing what lies before me? I probably sound crazy but this seriously freaks me out!:eek:
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    Jul 20, 2009, 04:04 AM

    It sounds like you have some psychic abilities.

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