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    Mar 28, 2003, 01:55 AM
    I need a Dream Interpretation

    I've been dreaming quite a bit about this boy in my class who obviously likes me. I'll call him Josh. Yet its getting weird, because I'd never hook up with Josh. (its got to do with my religion).
    I don't really remember the exact details of the dreams but it started as like a contest.. He would have to look for me, (I would be hiding) and if he found me.. I guess I'd be his girl.
    I remember me hiding under these white things.. Perhaps chairs..
    The next thing I remember is sitting on the sidewalk... calling from a phone.. That had no wire.. For it was not a cell phone... But a real telephone... I remember calling my cousin (he's a boy)..
    After that.. While talking.. I looked up.. And saw Josh walking towards me.
    I shut the phone, and Josh said something to me about Bloodmoney.. And walked away.
    After that, we were in our school's hallway.. (where we do our examinations).. Josh came up to me.. Took my hand and said something about the people lieng to him.. And that I was telling the truth... The dream ended with me telling Josh I could never love him as his girl.. But I'd love him as a brother.
    I didn't understand the dream at all. What would I be lieng about? Why do I keep dreaming about this boy? He already has a girlfriend.. And I don't want a boyfriend... Please help.
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    Apr 19, 2003, 08:29 AM
    I need a Dream Interpretation
    It seems to me you are a little confused as to what you want. I think you need to take 5 an think about what you want and where is it you want to do. I'm not sure if in your dream you are really head over heels over Josh, specifically, or it's just your sub-conscious crying out loud your need for a more passionate, spiritual and romantic relashionship in your life.

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