Hi everyone and thank you for reading my question. My five year old son died a couple years ago and boy I still feel like I would join him today. He developed some rare sickness that had the doctors baffled, it took only 4 months for him to lose his battle. Because of the lack of knowledge the doctors had I have to go elsewhere, like the church, fortune tellers, whatever or whoever can help me to save my son. Before you cast judgement on me, I'm asking you to please understand that when your child is dying you would do anything to save his/her life. Is there anyone on here that can tell me if he's OK on the other side? I'm fighting my tears right now, just typing this letter. I haven't had much dreams of him since his death. I just need some answers, to know something, anything. I don't believe in suicide, so I won't do anything stupid. But I'm sure anyone can understand how I feel. I've had twin boys since, and one of my twins looks, acts, talks just like my first born. I do believe I had twins because I wasn't ready to go yet. Any recommendations? I don't need anyone to tell me I need therapy. Therapy doesn't heal 100%. I just need someone with an open mind to answer me.