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    Jan 6, 2006, 07:20 AM
    Bad luck, bad karma, or bad self-esteem?
    I recently heard once again a comment I've heard many, MANY times over the past several years: "You and your husband have worse luck than anyone else I know!" and I have one question: "Why is that?"

    You see, just about the time we get to the point we can manage to keep up on all our monthly expenses and start feeling like things are going to continue to look up, all hell breaks loose and we have to again resort to something my hubby dubbed "creative financing". Is this something we have the power to change?
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    Jan 6, 2006, 08:31 AM
    Bad Luck
    I am not a psychic, don't pretend to be.
    I do believe, however, that "luck" is determined, to a large part, by the person themselves. It is what one does, or doesn't do, that determines the future. But, at times, there are things happening that are completely beyond human control, such as lightening strikes, etc.
    Since you didn't mention exactly what "comes up" that you weren't expecting, I can only guess that it's something requiring extra money.
    If you can fit it into your budget, it's always a good idea to "set aside" some money each month, putting it into a savings account. They don't pay that much interest at most banks, but if you need extra money for something unexpected, then it will be there.
    Some of the things I have had to go into our savings account include, heat pump quit, car needed some repairs for around $400, water heater finally gave out after 20 yrs, part of my old back privacy fence fell down, cost around $70 per panel to put new back up, etc. Is this something similar to what you mean?
    I do wish you the best of luck.
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    Jan 9, 2006, 09:43 AM
    Sorry about your luck so to speak. But I don't believe in luck.
    Tigerella you should know by now or at least I thought you did...
    You are a healer my dear. You have suffered a difficult life. It is all in how you see it and deal with it. And since when is it an easy road for us healers. You have to have all experience when you are a healer. Or when people come to you for your help you wouldn't be able to help them if you had not suffered through the same kind of experence yourself.
    Healers spend more time, usually all of their time helping others in their life. And so the healer does not work on her or his own problems and they are usually worse than everybody else's for that reason. Its easier to help another than to help yourself. Its easier because you are drawn to help others. Sometimes relatives of healers will tell them that they need to quit spending so much time helping everyone else and come back down to earth and help yourself out for a change.
    Is your glass half full or half empty? I would not spend much time around folks that tell you you have the worst luck. What a way to talk to you energy wise. They are just putting more negative energy out in the air about you and your life. And it will find you and cause more trouble. That's why its not always a good idea to tell everyone all your business you don't need more negative energy out there and the more that know and tell all your business the more negative energy coming back on you. Peace ranieri
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    Jan 9, 2006, 10:23 AM
    I agree in a way. That you need more positive energy. It is all in your out look in life. When things do happen, it is not luck. It is just learning experiances that different people go through. What is bad for one person turns out to be a good experience for somebody else. Creative financing I like that. Sounds like a good slogan. There are some people who do not struggle at all and there are others who struggle often but it is how we handle these situations that effect the outcome. It does create character and strength for a lot of people.

    Remember it is a positive outlook, no matter what is happening around you.

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    Jan 9, 2006, 12:45 PM
    Nothing needs to be labeled bad or good. It was and that is all. We have gotten into the habit of labeling everything as bad or good. If you slow your life pace down and learn to go with the flow and follow your instincts your inner voice. Then it isn't so hard. Everyone wants to fight the powers that be. No matter who they are or who you pray to. Everyone wants it yesterday and on their time schedule that suits them.
    Like say I have a party planned and in getting ready for this party I want everything just so. Whoops my money is not there llike I thought I cannot go and buy all that I wanted so I freak out!! Oh gosh my plans will I have enough ,I wanted to impress, I wanted everyone to take one home and so on...
    The day of the party comes and it snows and sleets and half the guests end up not being able to make it. So you had enough all along.
    The day of the party comes and at the last minute half call or not because they got sick, you have enough for your party.
    It is not always bad financial planning or bad judgement call on the persons part, It may appear to us as such. But everything is planned out all ready by someone higher than us, there was never any thing you could do about it. Ok so you think well I could have borrowed the money for the party. Whoops last minute illness the person you are borrowing from cannot give you the money. Orrrrr maybe THAT was the lesson you had to learn, not to be a perfectionist, or maybe your lesson was to not dream over your haed, or maybe to learn how to ask for help. If you don't slow down and pause once in a while(to hear what the otherside or universe is trying to tell you you need) you'll never know.
    See we want what we want and we don't want anybody on the planet to tell us no! Even fate even God no one likes to be told no so we fight the powers that be and cuss and holler. Throw a fit and go out of our way to get our way no matter what! And then guess what happens, the dilemna was now actually made worse. And by your worrying and temper tantrum and from push push pushing your will so much you have now thrown all of this awful negative upset energy out into the crisis. People steal from each other, lie to the very souls we swear we live and would die for and so on just to get our so-called needs met. But this was a want not a need so it really wasn't a matter of life or death.
    Tigerella I would need to talk to you more to figure out what is up with you both. But you both are healers whether he wants to admit it or not, so that doubles your whammy! Yes he is sensitive and he denies this energy is part of your problems. Everyone is supposed to look out for their brother. Do you donate to church regularly and not the $2 you scrape together really give what you can actually afford. To any beggar on the street, a family that needs it. Donate your old clothes. It is the law of give and take. You can't keep taking and not give back everyday in everyway.You are here to give service to others like it or not. Like Mother Theresa accept your place in life and go with the flow. Stop insisting you deserve more. More will come when you 2 use your gifts to serve others instead of always yourself. God will be pleased and your money will quadrupled.
    You want to RECEIVE everyday then you must help others, you must GIVE everyday!! And not giving just because you expect something back. You give because you want to help. Holding crack babies in the hospital or just babysitting for someone you know for free. I know of someone who won't even have sympathy for the crack babies that have no one simply because of the baby's parents and how they came into the world. You know these bebies are there too withoout parents because of parents live out of country or out of town and cannot afford to be there or by the grace of God like in Hurricane situation, a kind doctor found the poor souls and on his own pocket is going to help the child and the parents would love for a kind soul to be there since they cant. You might make a new friend besides actually helping someone.
    Soooo you never know who you might be helping out. Angel from God or
    Someone that really needs it. The drunk homeless person you refuse because you think is going to waste it. This might be the bottle to push him over the edge and he ends up in the hospital and now at least his family has a chance of finding him now. Or maybe he falls and lands at the doorway of a sinle mom who desparately needs it for her babies. You really never know!
    Peace ranieri
    If you do not follow this law of the jungle then you don't have one single right to expect anything else coming your way.
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    Apr 5, 2007, 08:15 AM
    HI! I know very well about creative financing and that whole luck thing. I have to say that I started reading sylvia browne and Dr. Wayne Dyer. I have put to use some of their exercises and regardless of how you feel about the whole 'God' part of their writings the mindset exercises have helped. Even knowing and I mean really knowing that everything happens for a reason even if you don't get the reason until three years later. Me and my husband are still bobbing in the water but we keep trying and keep changing. A big thing was recognizing patterns in our lives and changing them. Don't let the past repeat itself-change it.

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