I got married when I was 28.. its only been 6 months now. I've been trying to get pregnant but to no avail. Last 2 months my period came 8 days late and I thought I was getting pregnant. Bu the pregnancy test kit showed negative. When my menses came as usual I got the most terrible cramps no one can ever imagine. So I headed to see the doc just in case I had an early miscarriage. Then I requested to have an ultrasound scan of my womb.

Result came out and a small fibroid was detected but no miscarriage but I'm not sure if the scan could detect any miscarriage in me as everything was still too early. And another thing was the doc couldn't justify when the fibroid grow in my womb. Was it there all along? No one knew. And the doc didn't give any medication because the fibroid is small about 1.5cm only. And she said its still safe to get pregnant. Of course I trusted her.but I will hv to do a follow up scan to see if the fibroid grow.

Anyway, I would like to seek advise from the experts out here. Is only stress the reason why I can't get pregnant yet? Or is it my age? Or is it I'm petite at 42kg? My sister was petite too but she has no problem getting pregnant. In fact she has given birth to 2 healthy boys.I am really concern as I want to get pregnant asap because me and my husband are obviously getting older. And we don't wnt our the life gap between our child and us too far apart.

We have not done any fertility check but I seriously don't think both of us are not fertile because my parents have 4 children and his parents have 5 children. But again does infertility comes only from genes? Help. Thanks.