Hey! Okay, well my boyfriend and I have been dating for 7 months now. And we have had both unprotected and protected sex (as in condoms not birth control). We have had unprotected sex countless of times, and my question is how is it that I have had unprotected so many times and not become pregnant, while some girls can have unprotected just once and BAM! They're pregnant!

And before you lecture me for having unprotected, I am going on birth control soon! And also, my boyfriend and I are VERY careful. We aren't trying to have a baby right now... but I'm just kind of shocked that I've not been pregnant yet by our stupidity to not use some sort of conception every time!

I hear a lot that there is no sperm in precum but that sperm can be left over and can be flushed out by precum, so he always urinates before and also we do oral.. but still I'm shocked because there have been times when he'd have to pull out and a squirt of seamen would come out and then we'd carry on.

Have I just been very lucky? Or is there something to the whole no sperm in precum thing?