A few things to explain. First, my last normal period was Sept. 2. I had unprotected sex (using the withdrawl method) during my fertile days. Shortly after than, I started thinking I was pregnant. I know that sounds strange, but I felt the same way with my son. I couldn't stand the two week wait so I took some HPT... all negative. My cycles are 27 days. On September 30, I started bleeding. It started brown. A couple hours later it got bright red. It was not enough blood to soak a pad and it was done the next evening. That is NOT like my period at all. A week before my period, I get VERT hungry, I have a lot of bowel movements (sorry TMI), and the day my period is going to start, I have really bad lower back pain. NONE of that happened when I started bleeding on September 30. I decided to take another pregnancy test, a digital one, again it was negative. I decided to wait unitl my next period was supposed to start before going to the doctor. Since the middle of September, I have had numerous pergnancy symptoms. I have two children so I know what to look for. Anyway, I started bleeding again, this time on the 27th day... right on time. However, it was exactly like the last time I bleed. I decided it was time to go to the doc. She laid me on the table and started measuring my uterus. Then, she says that I am measuring 5 weeks! If I am pregnant, I would be 9 weeks, not 5. Also, don't you think that I would have had a positive urine test by now? She ordered blood work but I don't have the results. She also didn't do an internal exam. I am just really confused. There are so many things that are adding up to pregnancy, but the tests say not pregnant. What else would make my uterus measure 5 weeks? Also, I should also say that I have gained noticeable weight in my belly area... nowhere else... and all since September. I can't fit into any of the pants I was wearing in August. Anything I Google that could make your uterus grow cause really bad pain and heaving bleeding... which I don't have. Any help would be great!