Tubes cut and tie I have a negative urine test negative blood test but I'm 23 weeks pregnant ultrasound So how can this happen explain to me
My doctor wanted me to take some pills to make me bleed so I can have my periods every month but I told him I would have them every month but just not heavy my he said he will take the pills (negative blood test to make my periods Back regular). I did not take them I went somewhere else and did my ultrasound. And they said they don't know how he could not feel my uterus It was up there as plain as day
They think that they were getting a lawsuit because of Me not wanting to be pregnant again. So that's why they wonted me to come and get the pills
To so I could have a miscarriage. 5 pill one day and 2 pills for more 10
Days and the next month 1 pill for 10 days. I would've bleed to death.