I'm 43 and Trying to conceive my 4th child. We've been trying for 7 months. I did conceive in December, but miscarried early (at 5 wks). I was told back in November that I had a slightly elevated FSH, but all other tests were normal. I'm seeing an acupuncturist to help with my fertility. I take OPK's every month, but this past month I did not detect my surge by day 15, so I stopped testing, assuming that I ovulated early and missed it. I am now on day 31 of my cycle (my cycle is never longer than 28 days) and have not gotten my period yet. I have had cramping off and on every day for a week now. I've taken 3 HPT tests, on days 23, 27, and 29 of my cycle, and all have been negative. I'm using the aimstick HPT from Pregnancy Tests and Ovulation Test Kits from BabyHopes.com, which supposedly detects Hcg at level 25. Dare I hope that I'm pregnant. Has anyone gotten negative HPT's around this time and actually been pg? With all my other pgs I've tested positive right away. Thanks for any input.