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    Jun 13, 2007, 07:24 AM
    Need some traveling tips!
    My husband and I are traveling to Maui on Saturday. I will be 16 weeks 1 day, and I'm just a bit nervous about the flight. The travel time should take about 14 hours with a couple of short layovers between flights. I know I should get up and walk around at least once an hour, but I was wondering if anyone has any advice on how to keep myself occupied, other than reading. I just about went crazy on a 6 hour flight, so I'm really worried that I will stress myself out. The flight home hopefully won't be as bad because we will leave around 4:15 Hawaii time (8 or 9pm our local time) and we won't get home until 11:30 the next morning. Hopefully I will be able to sleep! Anyway, any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!
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    Jun 13, 2007, 07:57 AM
    Do you have a laptop you can take to play some games?
    Or if you haven't already you can start a pregnancy journal and start it off with when you first found out you were expecting, mabey that would take up a little time.
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    Jun 13, 2007, 07:58 AM
    Flights that are this long typically have a movie. So that can occupy a bit of your time. Also, you could go to your local library and get some books on tape. If you just close your eyes and listen - the time will fly by (no pun). We do this on long car trips that can last 14 hours and it just doesn't seem so bad.
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    Jun 13, 2007, 07:59 AM
    Also do you knit mabey you could start a baby blanket and probely finish it by the time you get there.
    If not its really easy to learn
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    Jun 13, 2007, 08:21 AM
    All those were excellent suggestion. I also "read" audiobooks on long trips (and while I work) and it makes the day whiz by. May I recommend Memoirs of a Geisha... very good book.

    I also like to bring those puzzle books with me, and do the crossword puzzles and what not.
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    automansgirl Posts: 467, Reputation: 42
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    Jun 13, 2007, 09:27 AM
    Those are all such fantastic ideas! Thanks so much! I think I'll be going to the library to get some audio books, then to the store to get some yarn. I completely forgot that I know how to knit! LOL

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