:confused: Okay, well I'm 17 and I've never missed a period or varied on the days or anything like that. My family has a history of still having their period all throughout pregnancy, my mom, sister, aunt, grandmother, and 2 cousins all had bleeding for the first few months of pregnancy. I think I could be pregnant too since late April. I have now skipped 2 periods and the other 2 have been very different, short, light, and pink or brown. I took 3 hpt, 1 negative. And 2 invalid results. What are the chances that I am pregnant and if I am do I have to tell the father? He told me the last time we spoke the 1st week of May if I wound up pregnant by him he would kick or stab me to get rid of it. I have a restraing order on him is it good for the baby too?:confused: please help, I'll take ANY advise.