I had the coil removed beginning of October and started taking the pill at the beginning of November. I never had a period in between this stage and can't remember the last one I had as never had them with the coil.
I had unprotected sex with my partner at the end of October and this past week have had very very sore boobs, I can see blue vein on them and they feel very heavy. Also my bellys felt strange, pinpricks in places and generally a bit odd. I've also felt sicky at times the past two days and am going to thettoilet more.
Although I've just took a pregnancy test and its come back negative. Could it be to early to tell? I thought if I was having symptoms like this then surely you should be able to by now? Or can the pill give the symptoms of very sore boobs (they haven't been this sore since my pregnancy with my daughter)
Any advice greatly appreciated! Its frustrating me as I feel pregnant but the test says not and haven't a clue when to expect my period!