Hi my name is adele.. I'm nearly 16 weeks pregnant now.. before I fell pregnant I was taken 1 or 2 dihydrocodeine 30mg tabs dour times a day and other medication due to me having cronic anxeity and joint pains.. since I found out I was pregnant I spoke to my gp and we disscussed reducing my medication last week I was taken 1 dihydrocodeine 30mg tab at night so now I'm no longer taken them.. for the past 3 days now I have been extreamley tired, feeling sick, my joint pains are really bad, I have severe headaches (migraines), I'm not passing urine as regulary as I usually do and I've been getting a stabbing sensation in my lower stomach or my bladder... I'm unsure what is wrong with me and I was wondering if you know what these symptoms mean