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    Jul 9, 2012, 03:15 AM
    Post pregnancy baby head size is smaller than average size
    I have a question regarding my baby head size which is smaller than normal and I am very concern about it please help me out for this.

    Below are the 2 ultrasound reports please help me out for this.

    B.P.D 7.8
    F.L 6.8 cms
    A.C 29.8 cms

    gestation age 35 week

    Detail Report

    bpd (cms) = 7.8
    head circumference (HC)(cms) = 28.5 (7.8+9.8)
    abdominal circumference (AC) cms = 27.9 (8.8+9.0)
    femur length (FL) cms = 6.9
    amount of liquor cms = 9.5 (3.3+1.9+4.3+3.0)
    EWF(gms) = 1790


    This is 38 weeks baby, over all small

    P.I measures 1.25 & 1.31

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