I'm going to try to give as much information and as accurate information as I can considering I haven't really kept track of much, which is stupid. Here goes.

A little over a week after the end of my last period, I had unprotected sex, and my guy came in me. We also had unprotected sex about a week ago. I was suppose to get my period about three days ago and I haven't. Between those times, my nipples are very tender, some days they've hurted really bad, and I've also noticed some slight change in color. I've been having to pee a lot, my lower back hurts, and what really's got me concerned was about a week ago, for five consecutive days at night around the same time every night, I got extremely nauseaus. Also, around the time I was suppose to get my period, and even now, I'm having extremely light period like cramps, but no blood or anything. That's been going on for a few days, along with barely noticeable small pin like cramps/ puleses in my ut erus. I'm also really really tired a lot, but I've been getting adequate sleep and my diet is fairly reasonable. I'm trying not to over analyze because I don't want to overlook what could just be PMS or delayed period due to stress ( which I'm really not stressed) but some of this has me really concerned.

Just wanted to see the chances of me possibly being pregnant? I don't want to take a test just yet, it seems a bit early. Thanks fof all your help :)

I also forgot to add that I'm having a lot of cold and flu symptoms. I'm not sick, but every morning I get up, I've had a runny nose that doesn't let up. I also have an increased amount of clear vaginal discharge. For the last few days I'm having extremely mild period like cramps, but no blood. They usually disappear after a few seconds.