Sorry for the long post. My situation is complicated. My husband and I took a pregnancy test Aug 29 and it was positive. I haven't had a period for two years because I was breastfeeding up until a couple months ago. To date our pregnant nurse told us to go by last date of intercourse prior to positive test, which was Aug 8. (I was weaning and uncomfortable, and then we had colds running through the house) Our first visit was discouraging, Dr estimated on Sept 8 that we were 4 to five weeks in (in her words 2-3 weeks in.) We were sure we were headed to miscarriage because we were at the very least 6 weeks 3 days. But our Hcg levels although low, were doubling as they were suppose to be so we were somewhat relieved. Our next visit two weeks and two days later showed no change from our last appt. Still just an empty sac and no heartbeat. We were told if we wanted we could give my body a week or two to miscarry on its own or we could induce that day. I opted to wait one week. I started getting sick the next day and then started getting small orange gushes of dishcharge throughout the week. Also a continued brown, pink or orange discharge. I called the morning of my appointment to see if I should still come in. Dr seemed worried about infection due to nausea and didn't think I was miscarrying yet due to there was no red blood, and moved my appt up to morning. She thought we may need an emergency d&c. First stop was synographer and ultrasound showed what appeared to be a healthy 6 week old embryo with a heartbeat. Our dr is stumped as are we. The embryo either stopped developing for a matter of weeks and started again, or we got pregnant after a positive pregnancy test. Without a miscarriage between. (We should at the very least be 10 weeks into pregnant due to last intercourse prior to positive test) Not out of the woods by any means. I am still getting continuous orangeish dishcharge and heartbeat was a tad low at 108. Still our Dr is hopeful as are we. Anybody ever hear of a case like this please let me know. Our dr said that sometimes things happen during pregnancy that just can't be medically explained and this is one of them. I think there is a medical explanation for anything. My dr has never seen a case like this but I am hoping somebody else has.