Can anyone shed some light on his?

I had my lmp on the 15 December, which was normal. This month(jan) however I had all the symptoms a week before it was due (bloating, sore breasts, enlarged breasts, etc).
The day before my period was due I had some light pink spotting and just thought my period was about to start, but it didn't. I waited a few days but still nothing so I took a hpt which was negative ( I have done 3 now and all say the same).

Now a week late and still have all symptoms and also have montgomerys tubercules appearing on my breasts. But on going to the loo this morning I had some bright red bleeding in the loo but this has now stopped.

Everything was telling me I am pregnant as feel exactly how I did with my first child(she is now 7). When I was pregnant with her I bled for a short while in second trimester.

Just not sure what to think, would like to know if anyone else has experienced this?