Finally I have found a site with people that are having similar problems as I am. On March 25, 2012 I had my period, it last for three days and on the fourth day it always goes off, its been like this since I could remember, might I add I always have normal periods since my very first period. The only time I missed a period was when I was pregnant with my daughter now 3 years old. Anyway after my period on March 25, I didn't get a period at all in April, then now on May 25, 2012 I went to the restroom and when I wiped I was spotting, not enough for a pad, but I put on one thinking my period was about to come on because this is how it normally goes. Then later on when I went back to the restroom and wiped there was nothing so I took the pad off. May 26 I went to the restroom and this time when I urinated in the toilet there was a (clot of blood, not much though) but I still put a pad on. "I really hate to put all of this on here, but I am really in need of some help before I go to the doctor and maybe its nothing". But anyway after that every time I went to the toilet after that there still wasn't anything on the pad, but as I wipe there was more pinkish spotting, then on May 27, 2012 throughout the day whenever I went to the restroom and wiped there was brownish spotting when I wiped and also on May 28 as well. Each time there was nothing on the pad, which isn't normal for me at all. May 29, 2012 the spotting stopped completely as my real period would have done. Please somebody " Please tell me what is going on!!!!!!!"