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    Jan 15, 2017, 11:21 AM
    Implantation bleeding or weird period
    Ok so I've been trying to conceive for three months. Well on the 9th of this month the day after I was supposed to start my period I got a gush of brown discharge (old blood) after that I had about three days when I spotted but never enough to fill a tampon and definitely lighter than any period I've had. On the fourth day I had nothing but a few spots of brown all day and then the 5th day I had a few blood spots when I used the bathroom and nothing since then. Is there anyway this is implantation bleeding? I know it's supposed to happen a few days before your period and only last three days but several people have told me they had it the day they were supposed to get their period and lasted all the way up to a week. Please help!!
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    Jan 15, 2017, 12:12 PM
    Unfortunately, there is no exact rule as to when, if, or how a woman might experience implantation bleeding or spotting. Some women experience it with every pregnancy, many women never notice anything.

    It could be due to pregnancy, it could be an unusual period. You could try a test in a couple of weeks, or just wait until next month and see what happens with your period and test at that time if need be.

    Sending good thoughts that you don't have to try too long before having success.

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