I am have a very regular period, exactly 30 days each month, but this time I started bleeding 5 days earlier than usual. The bleeding is MUCH lighter than my period (I'm a VERY heavy bleeder) yet this discharge is very light pink and not very much. No pms symptoms were present. Last time I had sex was about 9-7 days ago, when I was possibly still ovulating.

Always my pms symptoms are accompanied by clear vaginal discharge (which is a lot, which causes me to think, always, that I am on my period already), this time, before the bleeding there hasn't been any clear vaginal discharge. A couple of days ago, my breast was hurting, badly, and now my nipples are tender.

We had protected sex (with a condom) but he usually stays about 10 minutes inside of me after he had an orgasm, although the condom never stayed inside of me, he was always flacid by the time he pulled out.

Is it possible to be pregnant? I am mostly confused because of the lack of clear vaginal discharge that usually comes before my period, and the fact that I am 5 days earlier.