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    Jul 8, 2008, 06:51 PM
    I'm 5 days late and see brown spotting does this mean I'm pregnant?
    I had my period June 1-6
    Then I had sex June 28 and expected my period on July 4th
    I didn't get it and I had sex again on July 5th
    I'm now 5 days late and on July 7th I started noticing brown spotting and pinkish only when I wiped after using the bathroom. We used a condom both times! Could I be pregnant??
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    Jul 9, 2008, 12:41 AM
    To your question, "could I be pregnant," the answer is, of course, yes... at least possibly. It's also possible that you're not.

    Either way, pick-up the phone book. Look in the yellow pages for the nearest PLANNED PARENTHOOD location. Walk-in during business hours and ask to see a doctor. No one will question or interrogate you, or make you feel weird or bad. They're professionals... and they care about one thing: Your health, and that of the fetus... that is, if there even is a fetus. Your confidentiality, also, is guaranteed.

    If there's no nearby Planned Parenthood, then find some kind of free clinic or something. Of course, if you can afford to see a physician, and you have one, and you're not worried that he/she knows about it, then, of course, go see him/her.

    Just, one way or another, please do it... see a doctor. Don't get answers to questions so serious in a place like this. And don't trust some drugstore pregnancy test kit.

    See a doctor. Right away. Please.

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