Right, this is my 3rd pregnancy, we have planned it, I was taking my temperature and opking so I knew when I'd catch the egg;
My last period was 19th March 2010
I ovulated on and around 6th April 2010
Before this, I had irregular periods.
My first positive test came on a First Response at 11 dpo
My due date from LMP: Is 24th December making me 6 weeks & 3 days
My due date from ovulation: Is 28th December making me 6 weeks
On Saturday just gone, I had a ultrasound as I was having slight pains, she could see the gestional sac but nothing else, she asked if my dates were out, I said I wasn't, the only thing that could be out was the 4 days between my period dates and ovulation dates.
I then had my blood taken on Saturday and again yesterday on Monday and I went today to get my HCG results, they were 18,000 so they had gone up from 12,000 on Saturday, she says they were great results and that she'll have me back next Tuesday for another scan, should see a fetus then...
So will she see a fetus then? And how many weeks do you think I am?

Gem x