I'm 26 yrs old well the thing is that on march 29 2012 I got my period for 3 days only normaly I have it for 5 days and I'm very heavy this time it was light couple of drops at first secound really heavy then light in the next 2 months I didn't have my period I had pregnancy symptoms tired, my stomach felt cold and stretchy inside, my breast hurt when touched, head ache, emotional, peeing a lot, belly botton hurt. I did have unprotective sex during this time. But now I have my period its June 9 I always have my period during the end of the month if I'm stress it will beging in the beging of the month I have never missed my period. I have had people tell me I'm giving off the pragnacy vib that I should take the test I did and it come off negative the nurse told me try again cause sometime in some wemon it takes time to show up
I'm worried that I was pregnect and had a miscarige help