My husband and I have been trying for 5 - 6 months now and have been unsuccessful. We have been usuaing ovulation kits and following procedure right rhough to basically stand on our heads... This month I have felt different... More hormonal, sore boobs and enlarged nipples, very bloated hard stomach, head aches and nausia especially first thin in the morning... Yesterday I times my peeing actions and I went to the toilet every hour untilt ht efaternoon when I then went every 30 minutes... My period was due yesterday but seems to have come this morning It has been just a light shedding intot he toilet looks like my uterous lining and then now is just a brown discharge I have had some horrible cramping but I'm confused because when I get a period I get a period and its heavy!! This one is slowly getting lighter an dlight like it does on your last day... I did a Pregnancy test 2 days ago and it was negative... Could it be possible that I'm still pregnant or that this is implanation bleeding even though it's on time??