HELP! :(

I am studying biology in college and I am a very quiet person when it comes to unusual symptoms that I feel, so I am reaching out for help before I decide to go to the doctor.

- extreme dizziness (standing, sitting, laying down)
- nausea (especially late at night)
- mild discomfort in my ovaries
- more discharge to the point where my panties feel very wet
- frequent urinating, but in small amounts

I have considered these options.. either I have

- an ovarian cyst **
- something wrong with the balance in my ears
- early signs of pregnancy

I took an ept that came out negative , and my period is due in four days. My usual Pms occur two weeks before and include cramping and bloating, this month I have had none of that.

My breasts are not sore but they never are, even during my period.

I am confused on what to do and will appreciate from the bottom of my heart anyone that could help me. Ty <3 :)