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    Cysto botox injection

    Asked Mar 24, 2011, 01:12 PM 1 Answer
    I would like to know when you get the cysto botox injection do that tighten your vagina?

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    1 Answer
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    Mar 24, 2011, 01:38 PM

    No it won't tighten the vaginal muscles. The Cistoscopy using botox is for urinary problems such as frequency. It only strengthens the urinary tract. They are finding new uses for botox every day and this procedure actually replaces a more invasive one that moves the bladder up into its correct place, i.e. after having children, the female bladder drops down, therefore leading to frequent urination while walking, working out, etc.

    You can tighten your vaginal muscles (for a tighter one) with kegel exercises and that you can look up on Google. Over time these exercises do strengthen the vaginal muscles and can be done anywhere, when driving, when sitting in an office chair, anywhere. It is a mastery however to get the exercises correctly done. Doing the kegel exercises while being intimate can also increase the pleasure for your partner.


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