My husband and I have just this month started trying to conceive. I didn't use any sort of opt, and I haven't been charting my bbt, but I'm usuall spot on a 28 day cycle. I should get af tomorrow if I didn't conceive, but I have been experiencing some things that are out of the ordinary for me, such as hot flashes starting at about 9 dpo, and getting worse each day. Usually in the afternoon. A little cramping, and lower back pain, sort of like af is coming, but not exactly. My boobs actually aren't as sore as they usually are when af is coming, and almost every time I get in a vehicle I get a headache and some level of nausea. I've definitely had to pee a lot more, and have been extera hungry. Tired sooner, and sleep later, a little bit more sensative to smell. I know a lot of this could be all in my head. Or attributed to other things. But I'd appreciate a little baby dust from someone who can tell me from experience what early symptoms can occur. Thanks a ton. And hopefully the witch won't get me tomorrow!!