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    Aug 16, 2017, 11:50 PM
    Chances of pregnancy
    Neither me or my boyfriend know if he finished in me, he didn't stick it in full way it was just the tip, I took a 1.5mg levonorgestrel around 15 hours later, it happened around 3-4 days after ovulation. What are my chances of pregnancy?
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    Aug 17, 2017, 06:57 AM
    Tipping is the same as sex. It doesn't matter how much of the penis is inserted in the vagina, it can still get you pregnant. There is also sperm in the pre-ejaculate, so there is that possibility. You did take the Plan B afterwards so that should have prevented a fertilized egg from implanting.

    I would say that your chances are low-none. The Plan B will mess with your cycle something fierce, so your period is NOT going to come when you expect it. I would hold off on any other non-barrier protected sex until you get your period. If you don't get your period within a month, I would take a pregnancy test to see if your cycle is off or if you're pregnant.

    Unless you're tracking your ovulation using a known method, i.e. basal temperature, it is almost impossible to know when you're ovulating. Typically ovulation occurs 14 days after your period starts, but it could happen at any point during your cycle.

    I would give it low chances of pregnancy, but stranger things have happened.

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