Hello, Im 31 years old. Im 3 weeks late on my period, I started spotting 10/22 at night, it was so light I didn't need anything and you could barely see it on the tissue. On the 24 at night it stopped, on the 25th nothing but that night when me and husband had sex, afterwars I got this pain in my stomach like I was having nonstop contractions for an hour straight. The next morning 10/26 I woke up, again very light spotting (pinkish) but by the afternoon it was gone. I took a pregnancy test that night and it said "neg". On the 27th nothing at all and then today 10/28 I woke up to a little bit heavier spotting (still not enough to wear anything for it but more then it was doing) now as its evening I'm back to nothing. Also about 3 weeks ago my breast were real itchy/sensitive for about a week, then it stopped and today they are back itchy/senitive like. I have had some really mild cramping this week, also more gas then normal. Can you advice me of some possibilites and what I should do. Thank u!