I had sex a week ago, and 3 days later, I saw a pinkish color and thought it was my period because I was cramping and only lasted a day and I think it made have been implantation bleeding, is that possible ?


I just took an test and it came out negative, but I been feeling like I might be pregnant a week ago I had sex and 5days ago I show a pinkish color when I wipe myself (thought it was my period cause I had cramps and everything) but it went away the same day (could this had been the implantation bleeding ?) and ever since then, in the morning I feel like I'm going to puke and even after I eat, I either gag like I am or I do throw up, I'm been feeling tired and when I lay down my back and sides start to feel a bit uncomfortable? My body temp will rise threw out the day, I don't feel sick or have a fever or coughing, if I'm not pregnant then what can it be?

I don't I guess I'm not pregnant since the test said I wasn't but do you think I should have waited another week before taking it?

I can't hold my stomach in cause it feels uncomfortable I know its too early to feel signs but I heard some women do right after implantation happens

Do I have some kind of illness, I don't feel sick at all in fact I'm fine both the so called *morning sickness happens threw out the day, mostly after I eat* I drunk a branded water, and it tastes bitter to me, but everyone else says it fine to them

I don't think I have anything, I don't have any other symptoms other then the ones that leads to pregnancy maybe I'm just thinking about it too much, but I don't know , I need to go to the doctor I know