Anyone that can give me some insight on this would be greatly appreciated. I have two amazing children now and I am wondering if I could possibly be pregnant again. My last period was on October 1st and lasted 5 days like normal. I typically get my period every 28 days every month. Well I had unprotected sex on October 12th. The same week of having unprotected sex I started getting very gassy. Then the following week I was getting sore breasts and small cramping began. Well what really throws me for a loop is that on October 29th (the day my period was to come) I actually started bleeding lightly. This bleeding was very light to where I could wear one tampon all day and it wouldn't soak through... (though I did not do that I did change it regularly.) This period went on for 3-4 days with the very light bleeding. It ranged from bright red blood to brown towards the end of the bleeding. My periods are ALWAYS 5 days and the days 2-4 are very heavy bleeding typically. So today I am just spotting brown discharge and not much at all... but very mild cramps are still happening. I have taken 7 pregnancy tests. All have been negative. The last one I took was on Saturday, October 31st. I was thinking of taking one more tomorrow morning when I woke up. I am just wondering if anyone else has had this same thing happen to them and if so what was the outcome or if anyone knows what I am experiencing? I would just like to know if this is pregnancy implantation bleeding that could have happened or something else. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much!