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    Aug 30, 2011, 01:37 PM
    Been trying to conceive since February, need help.
    Hello, I have been trying to conceive since February when I went off the pill. It took a few months for my cycle to get back to normal, but in mid-April I had my first 29 day cycle, and then in my second normal cycle I conceived. Unfortunately I miscarried July 6 at around 7 weeks.

    We wanted to try again right away and have been charting. All signs were great; cervical mucus, temperatures, etc. In fact, exactly 29 days after I m'c'd I got my period, and I was so happy to get the go ahead to begin trying. Fast forward to Saturday Aug 27 (which should be only day 24 of my cycle) and I wipe red/pink blood when I went to the bathroom that afternoon. Sunday, there was nothing. Monday there was only very light brown spotting. Tuesday there is a little brown and red, but not enough to warrant more than a panty liner all day. I wasn't expecting my period until Thursday. My question is, is it possible that this is implantation bleeding, or did I just get my period early? Early period would not be a good sign, because it would have meant that my luteal phase was only 8-9 days, not long enough to sustain a pregnancy. Some additional info: I was under EXTREME stress last Thursday (mini mental breakdown haha) due to my job and we also had an Earthquake here in DC> I am also currently on oral Amoxicilin for my skin and have been for 10 days. Please help!
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    Aug 30, 2011, 01:43 PM
    Could be that the break through bleeding was due to stress. Implantation bleeding is something that most professionals don't agree on. Some say that it's possible, others say that it doesn't exist. I'm on the fence, but then, I'm not a professional. ;)

    I know that this time can be stressful. I've been there. Just remember that it takes the average couple between 1-2 years to conceive. You've only just begun, and you're doing everything right. You're tracking ovulation, you're aware of how your body works. Just don't stress too much about it. Don't take the fun out of trying to conceive. Don't make it a job.

    It will happen. Until it does, do what you can to keep yourself healthy, and positive.

    As far as this month goes. Wait until your scheduled period. If you miss that then by all means try a home pregnancy test. Make sure to use first morning urine. If it's negative, wait a week. Many women don't get a positive result until they're further along in their pregnancy.

    At this time, since you're trying to conceive, start taking folic acid, or prenatal vitamins which contain folic acid. It's very important for the health of your baby.

    Sending baby dust your way and wishing you the best. Please come back and let us know how it goes. :)

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