Hello, I am 34 weeks pregnant right now with my son. I just found out through an ultrasound yesterday that the baby is measuring small- about 32 weeks. He is symmetrically all around measuring the 32 weeks, so its not like I am getting all different measurments. But, should I be worried? What does this mean, to measure 2 weeks behind? Is it a problem with the placenta? He is VERY active, and has a great normal heartbeat and is doing great in every other way. My daughter was born at 36 weeks at 5lbs 5oz. Could I just have small babies? I weighed 118 pre pregnant and am now 138, so I put on 20 lbs. I just want everything to be OK and am not sure why he is measuring this 2 weeks behind. The DR did not seem concerned, but I go in again for a growth scan in 3 weeks. I also have a cerclage that is due to be taken out in 2 weeks! HELP! What do you guys think about all this?