:confused: :confused: :confused: please somebody tell me if this sounds like I am pregnant.
I started with a thick whitey discharge that didn't smeel or itch
Veins especially in my breasts started to show more
Breasts look like they have grown slightly
Feel fluey, stuffy nose all the time but no other symptoms of flu
Light headaches and a feeling that someone is pinching the top of your nose.
I was supposed to start my p on the 31st of December but there was only 1 drop of blood there on the 30th and 2 drops on the 31st , then on the 1st of jan, it got a liitle heavier but so light that I only had to use a panty liner, then even more heavier but still too light for a normal p because mine is very heavy all the time that I have to wear tampons and pads together! That carried on for 3 days , but now it has gone back to 'pantyliner light' again.
Last night I got some cramp accompanied by a ringing sensation in my ears and a faint feeling.
Help me , please tell me that there is some possibility that I am pregnant.? :confused: