Well I have been having sex more and walked a mile this morning but after dinner tonight I feel completely different from normal. We went out to eat, walked around bealls and while in the store I had to pee. I peed and as I got up I leaked getting up (normal) but hadt go again so put my pants back down and nothing! Well we live ten minutes away and when I got home I went number two. Well I have bad pressure down the and it feels as if its around my butt area, and very low in my vagina. No painful cramps just mild and I've had them sense I was about thirt weeks. But this is intense. The pressure will nlt go away and the mild cramps are coming and going. I just went to the hospital for false labor but this is different with an intense urge to pee. My doctor is closed and I have no one to call. I feel as if I'm ready to push her out. Im so umcomfprtable and its not going away but I refuse to go until my musus plug comes. What do I do?