Hi guys

I am new to this site :)

I have a question am hoping you can help answer. I have been off the pill for two months and needless to say I did not get my period the first month. The last real period I had was 19 April 09 and it lasted for 5 days. I normally last 4 days. I then stopped taking my birth controls (Nordette). We ate trying to conceive and have been busy almost every 2nd day :)

I then didn't get my period till this past Sunday 31 May 09, I had cramps Sunday morning, very emotional and I really thot it was my period but I was shocked when it stopped the following day Monday 1 June 09. My periods are at least 3 days long and very heavy. It started as a brownish discharge on Sunday, then I bled medium but it wasn't like my period bleed and it stopped abruptly on Monday night with no sign what so ever that I had bled (not even on tissue when I wiped, sorry for too much info ) :)

Then all of a sudden yesterday I started getting very dizzy, tingling sensations in my left breast and today am still dizzy and wiping thick brown discharge on toilet paper and underwear. I have been eating like its going out of fashion for the past week. My breasts are not sore and I have no other symptoms which could remotely suspect or predict pregnancy. I took a pregnancy test this morning and its negative.

I can't even tell dates anymore or chart as I lost track of my periods when I stopped the pill. Could I be pregnant and have taken the test too early hence the negative result or is my body readjusting to not taking the pill?

Please help with answer:)