I neglected to set my 16' x 48" intex "easy set" pool (plastic wall/liner) up on a completely level surface. One side is 3-4 inches lower than the other side. Is this a significant slope in terms of danger or damage to the pool for future years? Is it likely to collaspe or burst or wreck the pool? As well, one support leg in quite close to our drainage trench (4 inches away). With pool use, could this leg slip at all and fall into the trench (8 inches deep) and cause the whole pool to collaspe? I really don't want to drain and re-set the pool. The pool cost as much as the water ordered in to fill it (we have a well). But I definitely don't want my children injured while playing either. What really are the chances that the pool would collaspe or burst with this type of slope? :o
Thanks, Stephanie